Bring back Pong — 4 Comments

  1. 😀  What you need is some "Noise Cancelling Headphones" obviously designed with noisy kids in mind or for when the twerp talking loudly to his mobile phone decides to honour you with his prescence on the train.  

  2. Back in my "Mind the children" days (can't call it baby sitting since I minded lots of children from the ages of "newborn" to teenagers) there wasn't many video games that parents could afford so it was either the television or keeping the little buggers occupied by my own inventiveness. I actually preferred my own inventiveness but unfortunately, no matter how devious and underhanded my inventiveness was, the little bast tykes always thought up something worse.

    And it sounds like this Lego thing is just a spin-off of the old Mario Brothers games with more gory sound effects?

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