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  1. You do know that in the ‘original’ Olympics held in ancient Greece, all the athletes competed naked ?

    Now it’s not for me to suggest that would make you more interested in the Olympics, but it might lol

    • [* pictures Women's Gymnastics….. *]

      Yes.  I'd watch that.  I might even stay up to watch it.

  2. Ooh ooh ooh!

    In the winter add the assassinating hunting politicians part to the biathlon; in the summer combine the politician killing hunting with archery and the triathlon, both of which need some perking up.

    Think you're on to something, grandad….

  3. A recent headline in the DailyFail " Rio Olympics to feature 2 British male Transgender atheletes who will compete as Women".    Where to start on that one………………………….?

    Its all rigged anyway, as is most televised sport.

    • I thought most female athletes were male anyway?  Certainly I would be very suspicious of some of them if they started chatting me up in a bar.  Or maybe they are female but with more testosterone pumped into them than Hulk Hogan?

      • Aye that's true!  Some of them are seriously scary!

        Its only a matter of time before we see the "Silicone-titty-gonads-voluntarily-removed" olympics and the "Titties-voluntarily-removed-strap-a-dick-to-me" olympics.

         God help the generations to follow!

  4. I'd prefer one single event called, "Last Man Standing" although they'd probably want to call it, "Last Person Standing". Might be interesting?

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