Melting the Snowflakes — 13 Comments

  1. Not a clue what a Snowflake is now.  Up until last winter I thought it was a flake of snow.  Snowflake according Urban Dictionary "A very unique white girl that no one else can duplicate because she is one of a kind."  I'm not even going to attempt to say anything on that because I can see the pitfalls ahead. Pitfall as in a hole that one might fall into, just in case somebody changed the fecking meaning of that too!  Anyway, I thought Saddam had a moustache?

    • It's a relatively new word in the lexicon – a person [usually a mamber of the Twitter/Selfie Generation] who is so fucking delicate and easily offended that anything will set them off.  A word, an image or even an implied thought is enough to have them writhing in agony and demanding world-wide retribution against the offender.  I believe some Mercan universities are even setting up "safe spaces" where they can go to calm down and escape the nasty real world.  Same universities won't allow a raised hand at a meeting as it is "an implied threat".  I kid you not.  This is the future of mankind I'm talking about here.

      • Ah, sounds about right for country of origin. PC fascists.  These classes where they aren't allowed to raise their hand must have puddles all over the floor and smell of wee-wee. 

      • It's not just in the US – they're doing the same shit in universities in the UK too. University used to be about challenging students. Now they buy wholesale quantities of cotton wool to wrap the delicate little flowers in.

        • That would be non-allergenic cottonwool?  Can't have the little sods getting rashes!  

  2. Twenty pints of Guinness and I wouldn't be able to raise an eyelid.

    Snowflakes might be described as privileged youngsters, so effectively shielded since birth from the more unpleasant realities of life that their moral perspectives and priorities are disconnected from those less privileged and more worldly (99.99% of the world's population).

    Or, as such rare creatures were once known, wankers. 

  3. Its reported today that the Royal Navy cant get recruits for their submarine fleet because the little darlings wont have access to Facebook. Have you noticed while driving drivers cant wait at traffic lights for 1 minute without checking their iPhone Facebook account.   

    • I can see Homo Sapiens developing an elephant-like trunk so they will be able to permanently stare at their mobile, keeping both hands free.

    • Ooh, Bucko, how exciting! I just love shopping for shoes! And bow-ties and cummerbunds. You guys must let me know the site addresses so I can bookmark them! I'll list them under my 'most orgasmically exciting' bookmarks heading.

  4. Should rename them Soap Flakes because it seems to me they're always in a lather.

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