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  1. I would love to read your opinion about today's Fashion, Food or Beauty standards. 


    • You don't do yourselves justice.  You are actually at 0.7% [11th place] slightly behind India and Russia.

      If it's any consolation, you're up from 0.4% for the same period last year.

        • You may have had a massive 0.002% from the Peoples Republic of China a couple of years ago, until I returned to the dear old sod. Now I'm part of that fanatical 10%. Down with the self regarding and moneymaking Lifestyle, Wellness & Beauty industry anyway. 

            • The climate here and the nonsense in the newspapers just might make me consider another spell of work in China. What percentage of visits to Headrambles come from North Korea? Any hits from the Pitcairn islands?

              • British Virgin Islands any good?  I got one visitor from there.  I don't think they like me in North Korea.

          • Bugger, now I know why we don't register more, I'm on my UK router.
            I only realised when my Greek flag didn’t appear.

    • You could have if you had known they were on.  I didn't and I live here.  Anyway blog awards seem to be spreading like a dose of Herpes these days – there seems to be a new one every month.

  2. I read from the Black North which counts as UK and not Ireland, although the satellite image provides a different story.

    Still, what's geology compared with the will of politicians? It reminds me of the so-called "City" of Lisburn, a small market town the size of a Walmart, with signs saying "You are now entering the city of Lisburn" which are posted in fields with no human domicile within view, presumably like Manhattan before it was sold for a handful of beads.  

    Build it and they will come?


    • Norn Iron belongs to either the Republic or the UK depending on whether the sports people are winning or losing.

      Lisburn is one of those places that you flash past on the M1.  Never been there, but there again I have never been to a Walmart either.

  3. Greetings from a halting site on the outskirts of Paris.

    What about "mindfulness?" It's the latest con from the mind, body and spirit brigade. I think you could write excellent material on mindfulness from your weekly encounters with the newsagent.

    • I saw you had gone foreign again. 

      Indeed, the shop saga continues.  Maybe I'll mention it later!

    • "Mindfulness" is a trick to make men think that they like doing chores. It's part of the feminist deballification agenda.

      Women used to like chores, being nature's nest-builders, until they were told by other women that they didn't. I don't like doing chores, what man does, and that's one of the reasons why I got married.  Chores are her job, and it's an easy, safe one compared to mine.


      • Heh!  I can see a few hackles being raised there?

        "Mindfulness" is just one of those modern tacky words, like "awareness" and "Inspirational" that's bandied about these days.  Basically it's someone trying to fill your head full of fluffy thoughts.

        •  I did the tidying etc today because she's returning after a long drive from her sister's place so it wouldn't be right to arrive back home and have stuff to do. Civility costs nothing.

  4. But you already write about Lifestyle, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Lifestyle and/or Beauty. It's just probably not what the Lifestyle, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Lifestyle and/or Beauty readers are expecting, yes?

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