You mind your business and I’ll mind mine — 12 Comments

  1. Have a look at   IXQUICK.COM   I've been using it for years, no crappy adverts or "helpful" suggestions, they are not after your details or want to pass anything on to third parties. They also do an e-mail service, but can't comment on that as I am not a user, although the say it is anonymous.


    • Welcome Hal [not HAL 9000 by any chance?].  I looked, I liked and I now have it set as my default browser.  Many thanks.  I just had a look at their StartMail but I won't be going there – €50 a year is a bit steep when I have my own mail server!

  2. I remember Netscape back in '94 and 'Alta Vista' when you wanted to find por ……. stuff!

    • Alta Vista have been taken over by Yahoo, I see.  Mind you, there wasn't very much in the way of por… stuff to search for in those days.

  3. I sometimes get an uncanny feeling on the internet that they are watching me and compiling a fat data file. Will it be passed on to Old Nick or the Archangel Gabriel before I leave this world?

    • The Daughter is a tad paranoid about her security – has a bit of tape over her laptop camera just in case.  I hear the Zuckerberg fellow does the same but what the fuck does he know about the Interweb?  Maybe our search histories are our souls upon which our entry to Heaven will be decided?  If so, I'm fucked……

    • Browser is now Ixquick [thanks to Hal above]  Now running Linux Mint 18! [Not officially available but it's up on the servers since this morning].

  4. I use the Tor browser sometimes. It is so paranoid that you end up not opening anything and go off to do something more interesting instead!

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