We told you so — 10 Comments

  1. I think all smoking should be banned. I believe Windows is a great operating system. I think we all should ride unicorns to work in the morning. I believe Hillary Clinton is honest. I think that Google and Farcebook collecting our information is benign. I believe the EU is a good idea.

  2. The horsey might quietly leave town and go hang himself. The ANTZ won't – they've found themselves a second group to hassle: vapers. Happy days!

    • And they're having a bit of a rough ride against the vapers too.  Happy days indeed!

  3. I’m not surprised at the lack of enforcement. They don’t want to cause an outcry. They want to get the law in place, then they wait until all the fuss dies down and all the opposition has gone to sleep, then they will gradually start to enforce it.

    • It has been nine months now so most people have forgotten about it [quite rightly].  I can't see the police ever going overboard to enforce that law simply because it is well nigh impossible to enforce.  The only time they could use it is if a driver is pulled over for some other reason and they decide to throw the book. 

    • Heh!  Thanks for the tip – I read all his musings.  We have been known to [coincidentally] write on the same topic on the same day so to say we are like-minded is putting it mildly.

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