Hindsight is a wonderful thing — 11 Comments

  1. I'm sure these people with their current positions of power are quite accustomed to stepping on whomever they please for the results they want. They've just gotten a taste of what it feels like to be under a grimy set of boots. Poor babies.

  2. I would not be in the least surprised if the 'racist' attacks and graffiti have been carried out by furious remain/ left wing activists. In my experience they are far more likely to act this way to cause resentment and blame the outers.

    • There are always a few knuckle-draggers who would see Brexit as a grand excuse for a bit of Paki-bashing [haven't hear that expression in a while…] but the Remain crowd are making the most of it and "collecting evidence" that all Leavers are racist xenophobes.

  3. That’s what the fascist leftist brain dead youth are saying ….’the old people voted to leave but they won’t be around in 10 years we will suffer the result’. So wonder what’s the EU will pull next no vote if you are over 50. Carol42 is spot on I also believe that these attacks and pictures of notices saying Poles f… o.. are all a scam done by the remain zombies to stir up trouble.

    • What self respecting right winger would spray graffiti and make off on a bicycle ! It just isn't their style and I don't believe in a sudden increase in racially motivated attacks or sob stories either. 

  4. At street-level, no-one's talking about this – much in the Granddad style 'ah, it'll all come out in the wash'.  I don't live in a city, and so so-called 'diversity' is a gentle mix in the usual style of movement, so that we voted in large numbers to come out is more what it always was: a sort of Thatcher non-conformity to private members clubs/Blitz spirit survival.  It feels optimistic, spring-in-yer-step, lets crack-on, eh?  But, oh, no, lets fill the news with doom and Corbyn shall not be moved, etc, etc. I'm afraid 'the left' are dead because it is middle-class grandkids of the hippies crowd waving their drawings about. This has nothing to do with making things easier when big-money goes mad on your head.  It's a terrible thing to watch because most of us are the descendants of the industrial working-class.  The 'hard left' are but the new aristocracy who hates workers who fund their ways. It is an amazing switch-about.  Real classy stuff.

    On a brighter note: exports'll be up, so a nice bit of overtime for manufacturing.

    Keep the faith – grass'll still grow, and the sky still seems located above my head in the same ole way.

    • In my humble opinion the Leave campaign just tapped into a movement that is sweeping across Europe and the States – people have become so disillusioned by the current politics where politicians, bankers and Big Business rule the roost and run the system for their benefit and not ours.  The pot hasn't quite reached boiling point, but it's getting close.  I hope.

  5. "Now maybe you know how smokers feel!"

    You summed it up perfectly Grandad!

    I'm gonna spit (or cough) that in their precious little faces now!

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