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  1. I care!

    And I wish you all the luck you need to fix that brick asap!

    Enjoy the sun in the meantime!

    • Aw! Thanks, Claudia.  Progress is slow but I'm getting there.  I'll probably get more done today than yesterday as the sun ain't shining!

    • Heh!  We do have about five or six days when the rain stops and the sun shines for a bit.  We call it "Summer".  Having said that, yesterday was one of the sunny ones but elsewhere in the country some homes were destroyed by flash floods.  Our weather tends to be a bit on the local side.

  2. Good luck with the laptop, GD. If you can't get it going, forget about fancy overpriced Apple crap. I wouldn't have one on principle, not since they decreed that any Apple owner who smoked voided the warranty, because they didn't want to expose their repair guys to 'third-hand smoke'. WTF? They can just fuck right off.

    If you need to buy a new laptop, get something like a Lenovo. Chinese, cheap and pretty bombproof. I bought one for my wife about four years ago, pre-loaded with DOS and that was it. My computer guy installed Win 7 (he's good at that, but shhh), and it's been chugging away ever since. Never a problem. Loads in seconds when you start up. And did I mention it was as cheap as chips? I paid about €350 or something, I think

    • @nisakiman, glad to see somebody praising Lenovo. While working in China a few years ago I bought a Lenovo laptop for RMB 2,700  – about €250 according to exchange rates at the time. A Chinese friend interpreted at the store for me and instructed the engineer to input an English programme while I waited. The machine works fairly well for what I want it to do; I'm not a computer whizzkid. The only drawback is that some instructions for formatting and sending documents around are in Chinese, with Latin letters that help me figure things out. I think I get value for the money I forked out.

      BTW Grandad says there is lots of stuff on his hard drive that he considers 'lost'. Surely he can take the bust machine to a computer engineer who may be able to retrieve data including old photos?

      • Things are actually progressing quite well here.  I managed to restore one partition and grab some very important files yesterday.  This morning I managed to get into the other main partition and am currently retrieving my photographs [hundreds of them].  They are mostly photographs of the Grandkids [from birth onwards] and of our French and Cork holidays.  I'm delighted to get them back!

        Engineers han indeed retrieve stuff off fucked up disks, but they cost a fortune.  It's cheaper to do it mysef!

        • We've just updated couple of work laptops with SSD, so I have the old 670Gb drives kicking around.

          E-mail me a postal address and I'll ship one over. If nothing else, you can put it in a caddy and keep it for backups.

          • Jayzus but that's a fierce kind and generous offer, Mick.  Many thanks.  Will be in touch.

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