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  1. Buy a Mac. O.K. every 7 years or so you will have to upgrade to a new one because the old one will be  obsolete but much less hassle whilst it's in vogue. They work well and with the latest tablet I just purchased I can talk to it and it reads me the page when I can't be bothered, in any number of voices. I imagine the desk and lap tops would be even more sophisticated. O.K, they may be trendy and all that keeping up with the jonses bollocks, but they work are reliable and are sturdy. It's a pity they cost so much more, but then good wormanship doesn't come cheap as we all know.

    • There is the minor factor of cost.  Apart from the fact that they cost about double the price of a PC, how much would I have to pay for decent imaging [Photoshop-like], sound editing, FTP and all the other stuff I get absolutely free om Linux?

      This is actually the first laptop I have ever had that completely bricked.  The others just became a tad obsolete with dodgy screens or keyboards, and in fact I'm using one now whose keyboard is fucked.

  2. Bloody laptops arn’t worth a light, soon as they go wrong they’re effectively scrap due to parts costs alone.

    We buy refurbed Dell (other makes are avialable) desktops, with Win7 not piggin 10, cost peanuts and just keep going.
    OK they’re not going to impress anyone into badges/image, something to be grateful for.

    • And out of the goodness of your heart you are going to post me over a shining example of your wares. 

      I promise to scrap Windows 10 [never used it anyway apart from a brief trial].


      • You misunderstand me, i don’t flog ’em just buy them as and when to use for our own household purposes, but at less than £100 for a PC that works well and just keeps going compared to £hundreds for a laptop that might last 2 years or 5?

  3. I hate to echo Johnny's sentiments Grandad but Macs just work and keep working. My 17" laptop, bought in March 2003, is under the stairs and I still use it sometimes when I need a big screen. It doesn't even have the Intel processor for fuck's sake, but it still does what it did for me up to 2009. This MacBook Lite is always plugged in and is on ever since 2009 and as a Mac user, I presume it is still under warranty, though I've not had need to verify that. Sure, all those Windoz things you have are not made for it but the user front end  is a common sense Mac interface on top of a solid UNIX kernal. It was always the way forward!

    • Interface is all very well, but if it doesn't do what I want it to do?  One of the many things about Linux is the vast range of software that is fully functional and fully free [there must be at least twenty browsers out there!].  It's not that I'm mean – it's more a case of lack of cash!

      • So with the Mac you switch off the OS frontend and you get a Berkley UNIX command line.  If you like you can even install LINUX and run that.

  4. My condolences to the loss of your lappy. However, while I understand the lure of Mac type laptops, my thoughts on these are why spend twice as much on the same hardware that you can get on a non-Mac laptop? As far as OSX is concerned, I find it so resembles a Linux based distro (even the base icon sets are pretty much the same) that it's an exercise in frustration more than anything (especially no root access and I'd really miss "apt"). But that's just me.

    Anyway, I tend to go with IT equipment resellers namely, Play It Again PCs, for my replacement computer equipment. I've had good luck with them so far and I appreciate that I can get them with blanked drives (no OS). It's hard to recommend a particular brand even though I find that Lenovo Thinkpads tend to be Linux distro friendly and tough to boot but what with EFI instead of BIOS, secure boot and GPT formatting I guess I'm pretty behind the times.

    Good luck finding a replacement and all.

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