In for a Penny — 6 Comments

    • Doubtless I'll have many more.  She has the strangest sleeping positions and the sight would cheer the devil himself.

  1. I don't suppose you have any pictures of her in the upright and attentive position do you? And she also might have gotten her head, face and possibly speed via the way of a Beagle? My wife once had a dog named Sandra Lee who was part beagle and part German Shepard (don't know how that happened) and what resulted was much the same as penny except taller, longer with a very similar face, same ears and same type of coat by what I can see. She also tended be rather quiet (definitely didn't get that from the Beagle end of things) and had a habit of licking people to death.

    • Never stand when you can sit and never sit if you can lie down and fall asleep.  That's Penny's motto.

      I possibly have a couple of extremely rare photos of her in an upright position but I'm not sure where they are.  We're talking about a dog who even lies down when she's eating her dinner.

      Her priorities in life though are love, sleeping and food, in that order.  She is one of the most loving dogs ever.

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