Answering a condescending prick — 11 Comments

  1. At the Irish Cancer Society we know that smoking is more complex than a simplistic pro- or anti-smoking ban narrative

    Splutter! As is the issue of the smoking ban, it wasn't necessary for all establishments to be made smokefree by law, there were other solutions if it was about secondhand smoke. But then, we're talking about vile tobacco control liars here so they're always going to pretend there is only one extreme or the other, because they are liars. It's astonishing for this twat to claim his type understand shades of grey. Prick. 

    • For someone claiming to be very broad-minded and all inclusive, he is actually being neither.  I can't help but wonder how much funding they get from Big Pharma?

  2. "Back home, great progress has been achieved in protecting children from initiating smoking since the introduction of the workplace smoking ban. The smoking rate among 10-17 years old has fallen from almost one in four back then to less than one in ten today. "

    Wouldn't they be better employed ('scuse pun) lobbying your gubbermint to do something about about 10 year olds working?

    What's going over there? Still sending the little buggers up chimneys?

    • 10 year old barstaff are a great tourist attraction over here.  They're the ones who graduated from chimney cleaning school.

  3. Anyone who isn’t actually a zealot wouldn’t be okay with being called one. This guy is likely overcompensating for his many shortcomings. Maybe he’s trying to fund his erectile dysfunction?

    • He's trying to come across as a fair minded person who really hates cares about us and his only aim is to force help us to quit.

      If I met him, I would ask one simple question – what right has he to try to coerce me into his idea of a lifestyle?

  4. I completely agree with the entire post. He's so far gone, he can't smell the bullshit spewing from his mouth. No one gets to micro manage our lives except us. If we decide to make a choice that offends someone else, fuck it! We should get the right to choose and possibly fuck it up too. That's just life. 

    • If people want help, they'll look for it.  Assuming we all want help and forcing it upon us is wrong on every level.  They really are just leeches, sucking off the public purse.

  5. anti smokers are worse than the religious fanatic. I for one, leave grown men and women and whatever so what they want to not my place to do anything having enough bother trying to adult myself to be buggered helping another adult adult.

  6. Funnily enough, it’s the very involvement of people like Donal and his friends in the anti-smoking “help” industry which most puts me off even considering quitting at all.  I so despise these nasty, goody-two-shoes, spiteful, lying, hateful people that to go begging to them for “assistance” or “support” or “advice” would be like turning to the murderers of my entire family for bereavement counselling, knowing full well that at no stage in the process would they ever, ever admit to even the slightest responsibility for my grief and loss. At the very least it would be humiliating in the extreme, and the knowledge that they would feel that they’d “won” would just rub salt into the wound. They are, in short, the very last people I would ever turn to for any kind of help, support or assistance – about anything. 

    And the thought that, at the end of it, I’d end up being just like them would, to be honest, result in a life not worth living, and certainly not worth lengthening (which rather defeats the object).  These people have become the greatest living arguments against their own objectives: “Oh, whoopee-doo!  Join the happy non-smoking clan!  You, too, can be like us!”  Christ.  Who in their right minds wants to be anything like any of them, in any way, shape or form? 

    As far as I’m concerned, the more habits I have that I don’t share with them, the better.  Looks like I’m going to have to up my alcohol intake a bit (currently very low), drop the exercise classes, start ordering chips (with lots of salt) with everything I eat, followed by a lovely, sticky, sweet chocolate dessert.  Yep.  That’ll do the trick …

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