How to say something without saying it — 3 Comments

  1. I've had a few encounters with this delightful folk whilst growing up in England during the 70s. I like to consider myself a fair man and generally judge people as I find them (often in a ditch) but I'm willing to make an exception when it comes to 'gypos'. As a group they certainly live up to their stereotype as sober pillars of society with a knack for paying their taxes on time. Fick and arse!


    • The crowd down in The Court are actually pretty harmless.  There are a couple of girls who wander around the village occasionally in their pyjamas, shouting abuse and insults at no one in particular.  They add that little extra colour to village life.  The adults keep very much to themselves which is strange as they belong to one of the great warring factions of the Itinerant world.  The only indicator that they live in The Court is the almost constant presence of a squad car there! 

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