The New Religion — 5 Comments

  1. "Will they ultimately decide they are a de facto religion and join forces with the Amish so we live without electricity and drive horse and buggies everywhere" LOL Are you kidding Grandad? these people won't do without their Planes / Trains and Automobiles which pollute more than smokers do

    • Ah, but those modes of transport will be restricted to the highest clergy only.  The rest of us just obey [and walk].

  2. "Are we to see compulsory physical exercise ?"

    Former Australian federal health minister Nicola 'plain packaging' Roxon did have thoughts in this direction. She tried to start a scheme where companies who had lunch time worker exercise programmes would be given tax breaks to 'encourage' their employees to take part.  

    • Welcome Darryl!  I also heard somewhere that there were suggestions that Social Welfare payments [in the UK?] should be cut for those who are overweight.  They won't be happy until we all conform to their idea of a perfect human specimen.

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