The Weird World of Welfare — 6 Comments

  1. The girl at Social Welfare (Voluntary Pensions) seems to have been courteous, helpful and Frank. I wouldn't have expected item 3 from a civil servant. But if the computerised letter-issuing section in the civil service sends you another letter, say next year, with the same demand for 500 South Pacific clamshells, what action will you take, after recovering from a gulp and the  declamation of a string of words unsuitable for reproduction on a family-friendly website?

    • I have had a few dealings with Social Welfare [Voluntary Pensions] section and either I always reach the same girl or else they are all extremely honest an helpful [and have a sense of humour!].  It's about the only gubmint department I actually enjoy contacting. 

      And further demands will follow the first into the bin.  Why the fuck should I be saving for something I have already bought?

  2. oh dear, oh my, that was far to easy, and pleasant too? 'cripes I'd be stressed out worried because nothing happens that easy with gov't. I'll await the follow up post where the tranquilisers were consumed in the follow up mess that must be coming. Good luck.

      • I have had many dealings with many departments over the years.  I have learned that they have the most confusing [and very lengthy] menus, nearly always in Irish before English.  The person you get through to is NEVER the person who can help and will always refer you to another place at a completely different number.  When you do get through to the right person, they always sound as if you are the most boring person in the world and would you ever fuck off so they can go on a break.

        The one exception is the Pensions office.  I always seem to get the same woman who is polite, courteous, humerous and extremely helpful.  Maybe they are trained to deal with oldies who might have a heart attack at any moment?

  3. I would have gotten her name and kept a record of the conversation date etc. Then when/if you get any more threats you can say "But Jayne from Revenue told me ….Revenue's strength is in being a faceless, threatening body, they hate it when you can name some of them.

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