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  1. If your project is a writing project you probably need a second computer which is only used as a word processor. No internet surfing or emailing is done on it. I gather some professional novel writers  have such a writing tool so that they can get in a few hours of writing and nothing else each day. Your rambling computer could be locked away in a separate room for either the morning or the afternoon, and the door key kept safely by Herself until your rambling part of the day arrives. Discipline regarding internet use is the way to go. May your married life continue to be blissful, and I look forward to reading the book whenever it appears.

    • There's a much simpler solution than going to the expense of another laptop – just switch off the wireless router?  Or if Herself feels the need for Farcebook, then just switch off wireless on the laptop.  Cheaper and much simpler?

      And who said anything about a book?  You flatter me!

  2. Have you created another website where we can follow your ramblings on this elusive project?

    • No.  Because then that would become yet another distraction and because I was distracted I would have nothing to write in it.  Catch 22!

  3. Oooh.  Don't stay away too long, Gramps.  I'd miss my daily chuckle at your ramblings!

    Good luck with the project – whatever it is (I'm intrigued ….)

    • Basically I am carrying on as normal, but may miss a day or two [or three].  Depends on how things go.  They didn't go well yesterday but that was because I had a rough night on Sunday!

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