Repellent politics — 11 Comments

  1. It's like when the Police strike and crime rates plummet. Things just run smoother when our political masters are preoccupied with things other than bothering us.

    • What do we need 'em for anyway?  They spend their time doing sweet fuck all, and went they aren't doing sweet fuck all, they are passing crazy laws. 

    • I hate to disillusion you but it's Irish.  Just because a few blokes planted a flag on it, nothing has changed.

      Anyway, you're French at this stage to what do you care?

      And you misspelled your own name!

  2. Easiest way to settle most arguments is to hand each party leader a gernade with pin missing and lock them in a closet. if they expire before reaching an agreement, then go with the second in command for each party.

    I suspect they will reach an agreement quickly. Who knows I might even unlock the closet once they reach an agreement, or not. 

    • I wouldn't bother opening the door even if they did reach an agreement. I'd get a witness, ask the two boneheads what the agreement was and then just slip the pins under the door and tell them to put them back in the grenades (while standing in the dark of course). Then I'd run like hell.

  3. How about just managing without a government? The Belgians did it for quite a while and they didn't drop into the sea.

    • Maybe, but those clannish Flemings and Walloons don't like dancing cheek-to-cheek, do they? It's like some FG and FF families down the country positively frown on inter-marriage.

  4. So that leaves only one possibility which is for the two big parties to join together, which they won't.  They are like the poles on a magnet – identical in virtually all aspects, but as we all know – like poles repel.”

    We had one of those jolly-joined-together Governments over here last time and it worked really, really well.  Didn’t it?  Boys and girls? 

    Maybe not.  I’ll get my coat ….


  5. The civil service is often called the permanent government. Are you pleased with its silent, gallant performance during the past 6 weeks since the election count?

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