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  1. My thoughts exactly. I am so sick and tired of being found guilty and punished for doing nothing illegal. Trial by numbers seems to be the new legal process; that those numbers may/may not be correct, but definitely skewed by this months trendy obsession, is irrelevant.

    One can't help but feel that these trendy obsessions are somewhat manufactured by those who need to be seen to be doing something useful. These people are doing a great deal of damage to the well-being of our society and the individuals therein.

    • It's a simple enough process – find yourself some area where people injure themselves [say, for example, cycling].  You then set up a "charity" to "protect" cyclists and demand ever increasing penalties for all cyclists.  This is "good" work so you get funding from the tax pot.  As cyclists persist in cycling, you demand ever increasing penalties.  The less effective your measures are, the more you demand in funding to increase the pressure.  You can never stop all cyclists so you are assured a job for life.

  2. You miss the point entirely, GD. It's nothing to do with the groups or attendant sub-groups of whichever category. It is entirely to do with a totally separate group who get their kicks out of being self-righteous bullies, who cloak their perverted desires in the charade of benefaction. They seek out groups of whom they disapprove, and then seek to 'help' them escape their depravity. We've  had people like this throughout history, whether they be religious, political or healthist. The  bottom line is that there will always be one group or another which is the object of their attentions. To paraphrase CS Lewis, better to be the target of a robber baron than that of a self-righteous moralist.

    • You know me well enough [I hope] to know that I know exactly what they are at.  See my comment above!  People do seem to have the idea though that taxing sugar for example is a great thing [as it will of course eliminate obesity] and will happily be screwed for no other reason than funding the tax pot.  Thay can't seem to realise that taxing the whole to catch the few is immoral to say the very least.

  3. Yes , these are all simple applications of 'collective punishment', just adult equivalents of giving a class detention because half a dozen kids failed to do their homework. It's in contravention of the Geneva Convention in time of conflict – but somehow I doubt we could fight punitive taxation on that basis?

    • It has struck me as strange that there is no law that can be applied to discrimination.  For using a perfectly legal product we can be denied jobs, healthcare and the right to a normal social life.  There seems to be a law for every other damn thing…..

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