With a spring in my step — 9 Comments

    • Sure why not?  No one even knows his name.  He's one of those characters who is 99% myth.

  1. An embarrassment of tourists. Yes, excellent!

    You should submit that to the Oxford dictionary for future inclusion.

    • No need to submit.  By the time of the next edition it will be a phrase in regular use.  I don't underestimate the power of this little website.

  2. " I reckon there is just one Irish bloke in that photograph.  He's wearing a pale coat, bang in the middle of the photograph leaning against the pub wall, looking somewhat bemused."

    Nah! He's the Irish guy who has just made a packet by selling silly hats to stupid people.

    • You are more than likely right.  What do these people do with all that tat for the rest of the year?

      • Oh no, Gramps!  These folks wear this stuff all the time.  It’s just that they are only allowed out once a year.  Which, if you ask me, is once a year too often …

  3. As Ireland is my second home (in my heart) I ignore your satirical tone an wish you a hell of a good time;-)


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