The hidden world of sewerage — 6 Comments

  1. …but I fail to grasp what anyone would get out of posting an abusive message here.

    Perhaps they think that you're really a 24 year old female with a low self esteem?

    On second thought…maybe not.

  2. I have no problems with any of them these days. Blog spam became a thing of the past with my defenses. Haven't had one for years. The trolls get the message soon enough. I don't respond and simply delete and ban. Again, many of my defenses work equally well with trolls and the comments go straight to the spam queue. Those that do get into the moderation queue just get binned when I log on. They never get published.

    • I'm just doing my bit to enlighten the world about the pipes beneath their feet.  Surely everyone is fascinated by sewage/sewerage?

      I must say things have been very quiet on all three fronts lately.  I must be doing something right?

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