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    • Ah, the old ZX Spectrum 48K.  I taught myself to programme on that and that's how I got into programming!  Mind you, the company used a mainframe, not a Spectrum so there was a small learning curve

  1. 99 errors in the code, 99 errors in code, you take one down and fiddle around, 104 errors in the code…..


    • Oh that it were that simple!  Damned server had error reporting disabled so the teenchiest error just produced a blank screen.  It was a case of forensic examination and trial and error.

  2. I had one of those ZX jobbies. I never really got the hang of the programming stuff – perhaps because I wasn't really that interested. I also had a business which took up most of my waking hours, so I never had much time to pursue it.

    It's all Greek to me…

    No, hold on, make that Double-Dutch.

    • Not a lot of people know this but in German we don't say it is 'all Greek' or 'Double Dutch' but 'it is all small Bohemian Villages'  …presumably the dialect once spoken in the outer reaches of Bohemia was particularly unintelligible…. 

  3. I used to be a software tester. I had great respect for people who wrote code but by fuck did the advent of shite like Dreamweaver and other similar code generators kill the art and bugger up the testing.

    No wonder nothing works these days. It's all computer generated code. Bring back the human coder!!!

    • Dreamweaver was fine in theory but in practice it was a nightmare – tons of spurious code and bloated websites.  [I used to teach Dreamweaver too so I knew it well!].

      I have always used a very neat and quite simple tool for all my coding which I would recommend to everyone.  It's called a text editor.

  4. I wouldn't worry about not immediately getting back into coding and all that (COBOL? Really?). You know what they say; If you learn Hungarian and don't speak it everyday then you forget Hungarian.

    Okay, maybe they don't say that but the principle is sound enough.

    As for me I never got past writing batch files for my MS-DOS installations.

    • I do a little from time to time, but mainly on shell scripts these days.  This is the first time I have touched on PHP and MySQL in a while.  I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten and had to keep looking up syntax on the Web.  It's great mental exercise though.  A lot better than Sudoku!

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