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    • Hmmm.  I did take a second look at that line as soon as I had typed it, but assumed that others would pass by the double entendre.  So I'm not the only one with a smutty mind?

      Anyhows, how would you phrase it?  "Completed my transaction"?  "Did what I went there to do"?  If I just said I arrived and left again, it would sound like one hell of a wasted journey for a lot of effort?

      • I was staring to wonder if IW had cut you off and you were forced into availing of a public 'amenity' somewhere in the heart of scobieville! Anyways, just arriving and leaving again isn't so bad, one can always assume something along the lines of senility/alzheimers/the car needed a run/too many guinnesses or some such human peculiarity, all of which are very forgiveable 🙂

        On the subject of 'business' we've devised out own somewhat succinct phrase to communicate the need – a 'woo'!!

        • IW can't cut me off because they don't know where I am connected, and do you think I'm going to tell 'em?

          And 'too many Guinnesses' at that hour of the morning?  What do you take me for?

          A woo?  I'll remember that next time I'm reading Jane Austin.  It'll give a whole new meaning to her writing.

  1. Technology can always be relied upon to fail when you most need it. Too many people these days rely on SatNav without having any form of back up. If they knew how the system works, they would likely buy a map (and learn how to use it!).

    • Unfortunately there are a couple of problems there.  The first is that maps of cities [and even the countryside] are often out of date by the time they are printed.  The second is that I don't have any up to date maps anyway and literally only had minutes to memorise the journey.

      I did think of using my mobile phone – a first time use for anything other than phoning someone? – but I find it tricky to steer and peer at a small screen in my hand.

  2. You can put Google Earth onto that smartphone you got and save the brain for thinking about more entertaining things.

    • It has Google Maps [I think] which does the same sort of job?  Never used it so I'm not sure, and I didn't really have time to play with it!

      • I thin you can get Google Maps to talk to you as a SatNav does, though I haven't tested it. 

  3. I find Google gets you to within a mile of your destination and then you're on your own. If I use it I uaually end up out of the car walking around looking for the place I'm going to.

    • When I found the place on Google Earth, I had a look at Street View to have a ook a some critical junctions where I might go wrong.  That was very handy.  What surprised me was that there was a bouncy castle van parked next door which was there in Street View was still there when I arrived.  Either Street View is somewhat spooky or the van has been there a long time……

  4. That sounds like your SatNav has one of those "Exercise the Auld Fart's Memory by Whining About a Low Battery and Not Starting Up" feature that occurs at random but not frequent intervals just to keep you on your toes.

    • That feature describes it perfectly.

      Anyhows, tomorrow I'm going to take it asunder and fill it full of WD40.  That'll teach it to mess with me.

    • You have a point there.  I remember those days well.  Mind you, Herself mutters that frequently on a long drive.

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