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    • Maybe he has?  One of the strange things about him is that I know nothing about him.  I have never seen him around outside the shop.  I have no idea where he lives.  If you lived in a small country village you'd know just how strange that is.

  1. Sounds to me like he's building up to asking you a HUGE favour, which you will find difficult to refuse what with being indebted to him by his generosity an' all.

    Looks like you have no choice but to move to the other end of Ireland before the hammer falls.

    I'd start making the arrangements tomorrow, if I were you, GD. Can't be too careful, you know…

  2. This sounds funny as hell i am worried for you i think that nisakiman is right he could be indebted you to him so he could ask you to do some thing for him good luck granddad

    • I have been looking through the list of items he has given me, and I think I may have found a common link.  I have a feeling he may want me to go on a camping trip in the Swiss Alps and do all the cooking?

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