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  1. O/T (just a bit).

    Do you know this place?

    Or that it has this out back?

    (minus the minstrel – t'was his other half took the photo).

    Reason for the request is you asked if I could find places in Wicklow that had interesting smoking areas. Bray's not exactly Wicklow, but not too far away. New list'll be out in March and I have to say it's depressing to note the number of pubs that have gone out of business.

    This one's up for grabs, though I doubt there'll be a stampede to get it:

    • Don't know the top one [the Bray Bypass was a most welcome piece of engineering].

      The bottom one [the for sale one] is an old stomping ground – just around the corner from Herself's old flat before we got hitched [which I have just realised, was forty years ago today!].

      The pub trade has been decimated, particularly in some of the rural areas though I doubt anywhere has escaped.  Some are trying to be foody places and the rest are just struggling.  I never thought I would live to see the day.  Very sad.

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