Contemplating the life of a nomad — 5 Comments

  1. There's a couple other things fairly famous over here that have to do with 66 (besides you I mean). Let's see now:

    Phillips66 is one of the older names in gasoline (1927) and, of course, good old Route 66 which is not only a famous historic route through 8 states but also a song and a TV series. There's a bunch of other things having to with 66 but I'm too lazy to look them up.

    Travel free thingy? Are you sure they don't just stick on top of the bus or the train instead of letting you actually sit inside? I distrust these "free" things you know. Either way, good deal.

    And i can't wait for  your post about making all those telephone calls and filling out forms and such. I'm sure some of those forms you can conveniently fill out online? I recall your last post(s) about filling out forms online you see. 

    • If I had to write about my application process I would have to resort to profanities.  Mind you, I had to apply on behalf of Herself earlier and that was ten times worse.

      Her one.

      My one

      If you can make head or tale of those you're a better man than I!!


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