A perfect storm — 6 Comments

    • Not so. 

      I think I got the collapsed drain fixed [involved some very slimy greasy digging] but won't know until the garden doesn't flood.

      The email problem won't be fixed until Monday as it's a major one.

      The fucker still hasn't contacted me about the leaky roof.

      My spellchecker recognises fucker but still doesn't recognise HeadRambles, and wants me to spell recognise with a 'z'.

      It's pissing rain and is cold out [smells like snow].

      Apart from the above, life is dandy.

  1. Ah, we all get days like that, GD. All part of life's rich tapestry.

    I have the same problem with spellchecker (it just underlined 'spellchecker in red), because it wants me to use American spelling, even though I have my language set to UK English. I just ignore it. I don't do '-ize', or 'color' or any of those other colonial peculiarities.

    • I don't know why they give the option of English [UK] as the fucking thing insists on trying to convert us to Americanised spelling and we all know they can't spell for nuts.  It's now bitching about "Americanised"!  Heh!

  2. It is now Sunday 10th January and in my village the sun is bravely shining through patches of light cloud. I'm putting on my boots and intend to take a walk. Leaking roofs are bothersome. Would pieces of used chewing gum help to plug the smaller leaks?

    • It's actually pleasant here today – cold but the sun is shining.  The tops of the mountains are impassable due to snow there [but not here].

      I jury rigged a fix on the roof and it is now behaving itself.  There will be major problems though if there is major rain and gale force winds from the south east [as we had recently].  Fortunately the wind doesn't often blow from that direction.

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