Let sleeping dogs lie — 3 Comments

  1. “I had a grand night's sleep with some quite pleasant dreams for a change.”

    That’ll probably be it, Gramps.  If those dreams were really pleasant, you’re probably exhausted!

  2. I can concur that getting a good night's sleep promotes brain fogginess–at least when one is older. After years and years of being a chronic insomniac I, for some inexplicable reason, am now conking out shortly after my head hits the pillow and sleeping through the night. As a result not only does my brain seem to foggier than normal during the day than when I was tossing and turning the night through but my old body is complaining something awful about laying in one position for most of the night as well.

    And I'm having rather vivid dreams myself lately but (unfortunately?) not ones that provide an excuse for divorce.

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