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  1. They have not got around to confiscating cars, but they will. The USA already did a first pass, "cash for clunkers", requiring dealers to give a large trading in value for cars more then 10 year old and then requiring they be scrapped rather then resold.

    • I think they did that here once?  They're not getting my thirteen year old banger!  It's in better nick than most one year olds.

      • You are referring to the scrappage scheme, I think. Before that government enticement there had been an informal system for taking bangers off the roads. Travelling people used to buy old car batteries and usable parts of aged cars and offered them for sale on the sides of busy main roads. Local councils were pressured to make bye-laws to remove these unsightly displays of car parts, and this form of recycling trade was stopped. I don't know how old car parts are disposed of nowadays in Ireland. I suppose the travelling people have gone into other forms of trade.

        • Indeed I am.  Nowadays the fuckers just drive [or tow] 'em up the Wickla mountains, burn 'em out and claim the insurance [on the tiny minority that actually are insured].

  2. None of the interfering fuckwits demanding bans in pubs, 'public' spaces, cars and around cheeldren because of 'SHS' has ever managed to explain to me why we, the baby boomer generation who grew up constantly immersed in a fug of tobacco smoke everywhere we went, are the healthiest and longest lived generation ever.

    The current crop of kids, however, brought up in their wonderfully 'smoke-free' environments seem to all suffer from allergies, asthma or some kind of 'intolerance' to something or other. I don't know about you, GD, but when I was a kid, these childhood complaints were virtually unheard of. Lactose intolerant? Peanut allergy? What the fuck is that? I didn't know any kids with asthma, either, although I was aware that a rare few suffered from it. It certainly wasn't endemic like it seems to be today.

    • The one thing that the modern generation lack is any modicum of common sense.  It would never occur to them to make any logical deductions from rising longevity in a smoking generation.  Similarly it wouldn't occur to them that all these chemicals that they fling around the house could be causing any damage.  After all, said chemicals are advertised heavily on television [kills 99% of all known germs] so they must be good for us.  Now if the tabloids produced a startling headline or two…….  ?

      The only illness/ailment I came across as a kid was one girl who had polio.  Apart from her we were all hail and hearty.  Asthma, ADHD and allergies hadn't been invented then.

    • That should be played to any politician who claims that we were getting our water for nothing.  I'll see if I can find a better quality version.

    • I didn't cook anything.  I threw together my special Spaghetti Bolognese [renowned for its unique quality as an incredibly powerful laxative] the day before and it was just a question of heating it up again yesterday.

  3. I had five children. My husband and I both smoked everywhere as did all our friends. I smoked and drank right through all my pregnancies and lit up the moment the baby cried to get myself awake for night feeds. I smoked while I fed. All the children grew into successful people, intelligent, allergy free and now have children of their own. Only one had a medical problem – adolescent epilepsy – which, while she was "going out" with a pot smoking adolescent boyfriend, improved dramatically! or maybe she was smoking it herself..mmm. We lived in Africa where the local "Dagga" was not anything like the engineered Cannabis that is available here in the UK.

    When I arrived in the UK, 18 years ago, my cigarette brand – Rothmans – was NOT the same as what I was used to. The cigarettes here had been completely ruined. They lasted less time, and they were completely unsatisfying. I was always needing another because they burnt down so quickly and tasted weak. I eventually changed to rolling my own which helped, because I had some control. And I ended, by smoking natural tobacco – wonderful. I am now a vaper, simply because I prefer it, but if the new EU legislation ruins that too, I shall go back to smoking natural tobacco.

    The trouble with the younger generation is that they have been so totally brainwashed, they have now become useful idiots in a society becoming Totalitarian. They are the kind that will snitch, snivel and conform, all the while feeling righteous. The brainwashing has removed the ability for rational thought. Their kind is exactly what you need to keep your citizens "controlled". They are ignorant of freedoms lost.

    Someone posted this profound quote on my blog – 

    “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” A Hitler

    • I have an urge to copy that entire comment and post it on every forum  and anti-smoker website I can find.  It sums in a few paragraphs just about all my arguments against the Nannies.  The main problem is that we are now dealing with a generation who never experienced the wway of life we had and they accept the "Smoking is Evil" mantra as if it always existed.  If we could time-shift them back by fifty years they would be astounded, and doubtless a lot healthier,

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