Turning over a new leaf — 15 Comments

  1. "If you believe any of the above then you're dafter than you look. "

    G.D. you would not believe how daft I look, but I'm pleased to report that I didn't believe a single word of it.

      • Especially the bit about giving up the pipe. Those of us who have been popping in here for some time know you much better than that, GD.

  2. The season of good cheer is over, so now I say: Bad cess to the lot of them. Let normal life resume from 2nd January 2016.

  3. If you believe any of the above then you're dafter than you look.

    Well, thank God for that. Business as usual then? THAT'S what we LIKE! Happy New Year.

    • Of course it's business as usual.  What else do you expect?  Business as unusual would involve becoming a drone.

      And many happy returns.

  4. Somebody might cheer up my new year by solving a little problem. I have a corkscrew embedded in the cork of a bottle of wine, but I can't pull the cork out. It simply won't budge and I am fearful of damaging the arm muscles if I over-try. Any suggestions please? 

  5. I was laughing while reading it.  I'm glad I read the last part.  Have a wonderful 2016!

  6. With all the talk lately about this "Star Wars" thing, I thought for a moment that you had been seduced by the dark side!

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