The ultimate Christmas Cake recipe — 2 Comments

  1. RE the audio file: talk about seeing "the joke coming a mile off, and by the time it arrives the humour is gone" – to quote from your own "You have to laugh" post of December 19th!
    And to stay on that day's 'comedy' theme, those who could never really warm to "Father Ted", or who didn't feel much drawn to it at first glance (cf. nisakiman's first comment under same post), might consider giving "Black Books" (aka Cooking the Books) a whirl instead. Both shows feature Graham Linehan as co-writer, but the short-lived "Black Books" explored other avenues of at times subtle, at times more disjointed humour… and the 6th episode even has a pro-smoking joke:
    CUSTOMER: I'm probably getting a lot of secondary smoke from you.
    BERNARD: Don't worry about it.
    Get me a drink sometime.

    • It's an old joke I grant, but maybe it raised a chuckle somewhere?  I have a funny feeling I have a copy of Black Books lying around somewhere that someone gave me.  Not sure where it is but I'll have a look. 

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