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  1. I walked along a forested riverbank with friends on Christmas morning before returning to their house to taste slowly roasted goose, washed down with glasses of Beau-Rivage vin superieur from Bordeaux. Happy New Year.

    • Meh.  It pissed rain here most of the day.  While a walk down a country road in the rain can be pleasant, I'm not that pushed about the drips dribbling down my back.  A comfy armchair by the fire seemed a much better option at the time.

      And a Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Grandad,

    "Didn't even bother with the Interwebs"

    Remember the old one? "The Internet went down last night so I spent some time with the family. They seem like nice people."

    • Indeed it was strange communicating with Herself by word of mouth.  Normally she sits in the same room and communicates via Farcebook.  I keep telling her that speech is quicker and doesn't clog up my Inbox but she wont listen.

  3. Sounds pretty much what we did on Christmas. Nice, quiet and peaceful and little or no being online. We had a kielbasa, red cabbage and potatoes for dinner along with some sparkling cider–for turbo charging the red cabbage effects you understand. We also watched a very non-Christmassy movie. All in all, a very peaceful day.

    • Roast leg of lamb with mint sauce, peas and roast potatoes.  Lovely.  I don't go for turkey [tends to be rather tasteless and dry] though one year we did try goose [tasteless and very greasy].  Washed that down with a few drops of whiskey and Christmas cake.   One of the most relaxing Christmases in years.

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