Anthropomorphic weather — 6 Comments

  1. I like the heavy brushwork in these meteo diagrams. It's a mixture of abstract expressionism and conceptual art. Definitely for exhibition at IMMA.

  2. Funnily enough, we get weather round here, too. Gets quite wet and windy sometimes. Apparently, they've had weather here for time immemorial, so that global warming must have been around for a while. In fact, even the ancient Greeks had weather, according to their archives. So global warming must be older than the people who invented it.

    Just goes to show. There's nothing new under the sun. Who'd a thunk…

    • Ah!  But your weather doesn't have pretty names to make the storms feel like old friends.  I quite like the idea of knowing who to curse when a few more tiles blow off the roof.

  3. "They are pleading with us to stay away from cliffs and sea-shores, but then only the terminally bewildered would wander into those areas during a storm so I don't know what they are worried about."

    During the hurricanes we had in 89/90 (ish, I can't remember), I saw on the news large groups of people gathered on the white cliffs at Dover. Some of them were having great fun in jumping off the cliff, only to be blown back on. They weren't simply stepping off, but taking a running leap into the wind.


    • There were two brainless fuckwits filmed diving into the sea in Galway at the height of the storm today. 

      Where the fuck is Darwin when you need him?

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