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  1. Who the hell funds these wretched bloody groups anyway, wouldn't be the taxpayer, now would it? Btw Grandad, OT but are there any Irish charities you would recommend? Sick to death of the usual bunch/es of con artists. Is there any charity that specially deserves Xmas generosity?

    • Of course it's the tax payer.  Who else?

      First on my list of charities is ASH.  No.  Not joking.  Ash Animal Rescue – a fantastic group who rescue animals and who have a no-kill policy.  They work almost exclusively off donations.  That's where we got our Penny.  Links are on my sidebar [the link with the dog!  Heh!].

      • Thanks GD, an animal charity that isn't the ISPCA is great, I assume the ISPCA is the same as the UK version – meaning I would rather flush my money down the toilet than donate it to them.

        • I would imagine they are much the same.  I know they get a substantial grant every year.

          I can't sing Ash's praises loud enough.  They have a full farm of animals – cats, dogs, donkeys, foxes and a load more.  They never refuse an animal and try to find homes for all.  They neuter and vaccinate all animals and give them any treatment required before re-homing [and they personally inspect every prospective home for suitability].  Between vets' bills, their fuel and food bills, I honestly don't know how they do it.

  2. Yeah the "War On" brigade make for some stupendously stupid things being said.

    Why can't they just push the things that do work.

    Everything in moderation or as it can be known a balanced diet.

    Also the only weight loss method that actually means anything – Eat less, move around more.

    • Welcome Verey! I'm not even sure I want 'em to push things that do work.  My stance is that they should all fuck off, preferably to Mars or the Sun and just stop nagging everyone about their life and health.  I am sick to the teeth at being preached at by busybodies who think they know more about my health and body than I do.  Anything and everything in moderation is fine by me, but I will decide what defines "moderation".

  3. I'm intrigued that children have access to mountain dew. I find it increasingly hard to secure supplies.

    • Sure you'd never know what kids would be up to in the garden shed these days?  Try asking the local kids for your supply.

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