Courting the braindead — 5 Comments

  1. Mili Rite. What a name, what a gal. She'd look great in a Picasso cubist painting too. The cost of legal fees in her failed case might be big enough to buy an original Picasso, or a wonderfully mixed-up abstract expressionist canvas.

    • To be honest, I find her eyes rather disturbing -lifeless like a mannakin [or a Barbie Doll].

      She'd better cure herself fast though and carry a few more plates to earn the court fees?

  2. Didn't our Great Chancellor of the Exchequer over this side of the Irish Sea claim in his latest Big Speech where he tells us all how much more we're going to be paying for fewer services that he was "putting in place measures to end the compensation culture in respect of minor motor accidents?"  I don't think he expanded on it very much, which was sad, because it would have been good to know exactly how he might have been planning to deal with scroungers like these.  Would have been a jolly sight more interesting that most of the other load of old tosh that he came out with ….

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