The death of a blog — 30 Comments

  1. à tous les jours de votre journal, and whether it's a journal, a blog or a diary here's wishing it lots of plain provocative English with no journalese.

  2. You got me really worried there GD. I thought you were going to do what so many of the good web diarists have done and throw in the towel.  Don't do that to me again or I'll get really cross with you!

  3. Well, let's see. The term "blog" is the shortened version of the original term, "web log", so you could have used that but I like (online) journal better.

    And congratulations on frightening yet another one of your followers into thinking you're quitting–again. 😉

  4. Or you could have just dropped the l from blog. Head Rambles The Bog, that would have shown supershadow your worthiness to be a jedi and take your seat on the jedi council.

    • I didn't know SS was into bogs?  He'd be quite at home here then.


    • Oh God no.  I'm not looking for plaudits [unless they are negotiable currency of course].  The mere fact that anyone even reads this is enough for me.

  5. If it is a "web log", then technically you are a "logger". All you need is a checked shirt to go with the beard.

    • Now you're being smart.  You know damn well I'm wearing a checked shirt.  I have three of them all identical and I rotate them.  Makes people think I never wash.  Heh!

  6. I for one will be sorry to see the end of your gentle words, granddad, you brought a great feeling of peace and calm to my otherwise dreary end of days. Your grasp of the important things in life, i.e smoking, civil servants, water meters and pipes lent a great balance to my p.c. every morning, kept me away from …

    Ah fuck it, good luck, I'll dip in occasionally just to see have you broken.

    • I'm not gone [yet].  It is merely a rebranding of the essence – it is no longer a "blog" but has become a journal.

  7. You could be a diarist like Mr. Pepys?


    Or a journo ~ but that sounds like an alcoholic chain smoking fedora wearing character from a Mickey Spillane novel

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