Feeling safe — 7 Comments

  1. The Gardai are much busier planning a big campaign against anti-water charges protesters, to be launched after the spring election. Get ready for the election and get ready for the water war.

    • Irish Water are waging their own holy war as if we didn't have enough to cope with.  They keep digging the holes and we keep filling them in.

  2. One suspects that not only would Muslim immigrants tend to stand out in Ireland (unless they were Polish, which people make the trek to your fair isle far more than one would have thought), but at their first attempt at purchasing armaments/explosives et al from those who [putatively] control such things (the Orange and the Green), any consequent untoward behavior would be circumscribed by a sudden and complete lack of interest in their prior plans…

    That's what Kenny means, right?

    • I'd say there are quite a few Muslims here by now.  There are a couple of mosques up in Dublin, but none that I know of in Wickla.  Indeed, I could see The Lads [both orange and green] taking a little exception to others trying to bomb their patch.  They have exclusive rights to that market, as agreed in the Good Friday Agreement.

  3. Of course, we all feel the same way over here in good old Blighty, after hearing our own great leader’s pronouncements on how much money he’s pissing down the drain investing in extra security measures for us all.  We all breathed a huge sigh of relief, I can tell you, Gramps, so we did!

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