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    • All the above involved pointing fingers [which we know are deadly offensive weapons] but my little friend above was showing initiative by introducing the bow and arrow [just as deadly at short range but silent].  He should have been praised!

  1. Someone ought to suspend the school officials and let the lad back into class. Better yet, give the young tad a small bow and a quiver of arrows to match and let him loose on the officials that suspended him. Just for instructional purposes of course, so to show the officials what the difference is between an imaginary bow and arrow as opposed to the real thing.

    As far as the bimbo is concerned, some caring soul should fill her undoubtedly fancy car full of these little dolls…just as a gesture of good faith you understand.

    If the above makes no sense, please excuse. I'm feeling a bit off today. I think it has something to do with raking moldy leaves?

  2. I think, GD, that the human race has finally run out of steam and is about to expire. It's the only explanation for this sort of cretinous behaviour.

    And you want to be careful with those imaginary bombs, too. People joking about imaginary bombs in check-in lines at airports have ended up in jail.

    Yet another example of the human race eating itself.

    • I have wondered if my father [who died over forty years ago] dropped into the current world, just what he would make of everything that's going on.  The human race really is eating itself from the tail up.  Insane!

  3. If I come across a teddy bear resembling Enda Kenny I'll gladly buy it and soak it with petrol and burn it in a public square.

  4. In primary school we made bamboo blow-pipes and shot darts made from pins, with flights made from the inner fibres of felt-tip pens, and threw compasses at each other,which in those days had long metal spikes instead of poofy plastic conical tips. An imaginary bow-and-arrow would have made little difference to the wielder as he was trampled underfoot. All was as it should have been, lessons were learned, alliances forged, you knew where you stood.

    As for the woman, she must be colour-blind and deaf; the toy hamster isn't black and doesn't talk shite. Not similar at all.

    • Blow pipes, bamboo bows and arrows, catapults, mini-darts made from pins, matchsticks and paper flights [they were brilliant].  We were inventive back then.  It was all part of the process of growing up.  Any anthropologist will tell you that male animals from infancy have mock battles that are rough and tumble but rarely harmful.  It's all part of the learning process as the animal learns the techniques for coping with a harsh world.

  5. I've been howling with laughter reading about the doll case.  I shouldn't, though, it's beyond belief that this could have been taken seriously and how could any lawyer wanting to retain a shred of self-respect bring himself to defend this certifiable woman?

    • In fairness though, there are similarities.  They share the same name [though I doubt she has copyright on that] and they both have the same number of eyes.

      She has done far more to damage her "professional credibility" by bringing the case.  Fucking moron.

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