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    • Probably.

      Anyhows I dusted the cobwebs off my memory and I give you my first programme in about thirty years –

      DATA 69,110,100,97,32,75,101,110,110,121,32,105,115,32,97,32,99,117,110,116

      RESTORE Database
      LOCATE 10, 10
      FOR n = 1 TO 20
          READ x
          PRINT CHR$(x);


      I'm kinda proud of that.  And it works.

      • Heh. programming, even in Basic. was like calculus to me. Right over my head. I could write small batch files to be executed at boot mostly to create a boot time menu to have easy access to various programs (Windows 3.11, Wolfenstein, Doom, Word Perfect, Norton Defrag, etc) Otherwise, I was pretty well lost

  1. maths not my friend ever always struggled with the higher forms, add subtract multiply and divide and a few decimal things was about all I accomplished

    • That's OK.  That's all I remember.  Except that they do things differently these days – they "carry" numbers in a strange way that I can't fathom.  I keep doing things my way which confuses the hell out of Puppychild.

    • Welcome Andi and thanks!  Even more basic than Basic!  I have it loaded and running.  Now all I have to do us work out how to shift that damned rabbit.

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