Budget 2016 — 8 Comments

  1. Budgets cod some of the people some of the time. There will be growth in the spring. Some flowers will shrivel in the general election. 

    • What worries me is that a lot of people seem to have a memory that would vie with a goldfish.  As soon as the election posters go up they go into sheeple mode and believe every single word they hear from the canvassers.  I have a terrible dread that the current mob will get back in.

      Roll on the revolution.


      • I use all the election leaflets, along with the property supplements in the Irish Times and the Sunday Business Post, to light my winter coal fires.

  2. In fairness this goverment has turned around a horrible situation to massive and seemingly sustained growth so thats something..sure they made cork into some sorta we are the world refugee camp in the process cause fuck preserving your own people and culture but that and nanny stateing is sorta tge Wests thing atm

    • The gubmint didn't turn anything around – we did by means of extra taxes.  The budget was a blatant bit of electioneering designed to make the gubmint look good.  In fact they did fuck all on the really important issues like the housing crisis and the fiasco that calls itself the "health" service.  Seventeen million for homeless services and fifty million for a fucking street party?

      • 17m is to sweep the homeless into the gutter out of sight of the big parties makes twisted sense!

  3. I am a pensioner,I am not yet senile thank god.When the time to cast my vote comes around,FG,LAB,FF will get No vote from me or my better half.I don't care how bad SF,or INDS.might turn out to be,that's where my vote will be going.

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