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  1. As a semi-professional follower of such things, may I offer some advice? Rather than annoying relatives who undoubtedly already find you tiring (at least in my case), turn the (non)event into a drinking game It's easy. Plus? You get to be really creative. For instance, your rules might look like this:

    If you see 4 horsemen in the village and the fourth rides a pale horse, ask his name. If he says "Death", take a drink. If he says "Clint Eastwood", take 2 drinks.

    If the moon becomes the color of blood, make a batch of Bloody Marys.

    If the stars of heaven fall unto the earth, scamper down into the cellar and have a drink.

    If hail and fire mingled with blood are cast upon the earth, and a third of the trees and all the green grass is burnt up, you're in fucking California – have a loooong pull straight from the bottle.

    If a great earthquake destroys all the mountains and islands on the Earth, you're still in fucking California – open a new bottle.

    If the Antichrist arrives to rule over all nations with a rod of iron, it means the EU hasn't fallen apart. God help you, it won't help you, but get a case out…

    Well, I think you get the general idea.

    The thing is to have fun with it.





    • Indeed, that sounds very sensible.  It would even almost [but not quite] induce me to move to California.  That sound like a fun place?

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