The Mothers of Seven are alive — 6 Comments

  1. I am surprised that the Regiment of Militant Feminists didn't protest at the way ginger haired young Irish maidens are being portrayed as sex objects. The one wearing spectacles reminds me of the modern proverb: Men seldom make passes at women who wear glasses. I am informed by a gene expert that only 5 per cent of young Irish men and women have ginger hair. Posters like the one above thus could be construed as setting them up as an endangered vulnerable minority. Hands off ginger nut biscuits!

    • You only have to look at someone these days and they are offended, either because you looked at them or didn't look hard enough.

      Personally, I was never put off by the glasses thing.  They can look quite sexy.  Maybe I'm biased?

      • Glasses obstruct intimate smooching, unless you happen to live in an eskimo igloo where rubbing noses is the method of expressing affection. 

  2. I sort of miss the old Ireland I knew in the 60s on a recent visit it is just like anywhere else now. Selfish I know but it was so different but then I didn't have to live there. I still remember my then mother in law throwing holy water after me as I wasn't a Catholic ! 

    • Bridie and Mary outside the church after morning mass.

      Bridie: I hear Mrs Murphy's daughter has gone to London to work.

      Mary: Really?  What's she doing over there?

      Bridie: She's a prostitute.

      Mary: Mother of God preserve us!  She's WHAT?

      Bridie: A prostitute.

      Mary: Oh thank God!  For a moment there I thought you said Protestant.

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