Educating vapers — 6 Comments

  1. I think it's an excellent idea and a great opportunity for us to educate the ANTZ, especially as the majority appear to be completely ignorant about vaping and many refuse to engage with vapers.  Of course, the ones at the top, we'd have no chance with, because it's their job to protect the smoking economy, together with the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies.

    • I think they would be welcomed with open [and well loaded] arms?

      I think their greatest fear is that their own little gravy train is about to come off the rails as people go it alone without any "help" from the ANTZ.

      • They just can't stand the fact that after £millions/billions given to Tobacco Control over the decades, the people are giving up in droves using something the ANTZ didn't create, without costing the taxpayer a penny …. and we're actually enjoying giving up; but then I don't believe people were ever really meant to stop smoking in such numbers.  The governments and their minions, tobacco companies and pharmafia had a cosy little scam going with the smoke/quit/smoke cycle …..  I agree, the gravy train is teetering!

  2. Vaping? So "smoking" Ecigs–or is it eCigs–is "vaping"? Hell, I didn't even know the term existed. I must be be seriously ignorant if not severely retarded.

    I wonder if these gadgets would work with pot oil? Now that would make one great convention.

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