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  1. Thanks for your analysis GD, of course you are right. Although I have a well and septic tank and don't get any of their services, I will watch Irish Water with interest. I have no doubt that what happens here will provide a model for them to come after well-owners (eg abstraction charges, whatever will pull the shekels in).

    • The fact that they are asking everyone to sign up to Irish Water whether or not they use the mains/sewers makes me highly suspicious.  Why do they want everyone on file?  Why are they offering the €100 even to those who will technically use their "services"?

      The only conclusion I can come to is that they will eventually claim ownership of all water, be it piped, in rivers or lakes or even the rain.  They have already started trying that on in the States.

  2. Ahh, if only they could sell off some of our rain to the Yanks – preferably before it falls – we might get a decent summer!

    • Heh, now that's a grand idea. The only problem is where in the US you'd want to market Irish rain. You can forget the East coast or anything east of the Mississippi river for that matter. We got plenty already–even more than usual. However, you'd have one heck of a market west of the Mississippi where much of the Midwest and west coast areas of the states are headed toward a mega drought.

      And always remember that the US is huge. You wouldn't want to dry up Ireland completely now would you?

  3. @ theresa, in the water legislation is a section where if you want to cut a downpipe and put a barrel under it to catch water, say, for gardening (conservation), you have to apply in writing to them for permission to do so. So, apparently they own the rain. Be in no doubt theresa, it's only a matter of time before they claim ownership of your well.

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