Promises promises — 7 Comments

  1. Good news about next year. There will be growth in the spring; lots of public deputies will lose their seats when an election is sprung; and gleeful voters will walk around with a spring in their step. 


  2. Politicians really are a bunch of oleaginous creeps, are they not? The vast majority have never had a real job, they have never had to watch the pennies or worry about paying the bills, and yet they affect to be 'of the people', and to understand what ordinary people's needs and aspirations are. Meanwhile taxing them until the pips squeak so they can piss that money away on vanity projects and policing ever expanding legislation curtailing the liberties of those people who they claim to represent.


  3. Almost makes me want to move to Ireland just so they (your gubmint) can't tax my Veterans Administration disability compensation for service related injuries, etc,etc. Ought to burn their arses a bit. I'd still have to pay water/sewer bills and electric bills and heating fuel bills and property taxes and fees related to owning a vehicle but that's no more than I do here in the states.

    I feel for you folks over there though. Low and middle income tax to below 50%?? Damn! Over here it's the low and middle income tax rate that's the lowest tax paid. On average it's around 20% to 30% (federal) depending on how much you earn per annum plus whatever the state tax is where you live (varies per state but both federal and state tax for those that are not self employed almost never reaches a total of 50% unless you're upper middle class. Far below it). This of course excludes those on welfare which is a whole other ball of wax.

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