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  1. I don't care, I just don't care at all about someone else,s sexualityor "identified" sexuality. I just want them to shut up about it. It is nobody's business what goes on in someone else's pants. I'm sick to death of having "in the news". 

    • I'm of the same mind.  I can't help but wonder how this "fluid" version works.  Do they morph from one state to another in front of your eyes?  Sounds like something from Star Trek.

    • Worse still is being expected to 'celebrate' it. Celebrate it? What the fuck is there to celebrate about someone who is totally confused about who or what they are?

      Like you, cat, I couldn't give a monkey's about what people want to do in their private lives – that's entirely up to them and of no interest to me. I just wish they would stop shouting about it. These days, it's worn as a badge of honour. "Look at me! I'm a deviant, isn't that great! Now I want special privileges and for everyone to fawn over me because I've been so brave about 'coming out'".

      What rot.

      • Don't you realise that everything has to be "celebrated" these days?  I just celebrate the fact that I don't celebrate anything.

  2. Homosexuality, transsexuals, transgenders, bisexuals, LGBT and now gender fluid? Nothing that hasn't been going on since the human race first pulled itself out of the slime of their beginning (or were planted here by some advanced race, blah, blah, whatever). All it really means is that members of our somewhat questionable human society are so aimlessly bored with life these days they have nothing better to do than make up labels for things that already have labels that they made up the last time they were aimlessly bored with life.

          • My friend's outdoor toilet in cool damp weather is not noticeable, but in prolonged dry warm spells it can stink to high heaven, overpowering the waft of orchard blossoms and wild hedge flowers. That makes the wc Jeyes fluid. 

          • I'd say every 8,000 miles just to be safe. I really don't trust what they say about these so-called cleaner burning sheep.

  3. Special snowflake demands new made up bullshit to feel like a special snowflake… Every single day now we get this shit think its just a indication of a culture in terminal decline tbh still least they wall themselfs into nicely persecuted friendly groups for when the tolerance runs out problem with trying to hog the limelight quite offen it burns you in the end

    • Identity politics seems to have diverted leftist campaigners from economic issues. It has produced an individualism that saps social solidarity. Anti-pc feelings have expanded across websites internationally. Commonsense observation clashes with ideology-driven discourse. "A culture in terminal decline." Maybe, but a deeper discussion of that is probably suited to someone else's website. Sometimes I sigh when I read esoteric news on the internet; sometimes I laugh as a tactic for warding off anger and depression.

      • "a deeper discussion of that is probably suited to someone else's website"

        You could be right there.  I have an unfortunate tendency to just rip the piss out of everything.

      • I forsee either a collapse or a rise in ultra nationalism due to internal and external pressures in the not overly long term sadly but maybe we will simply grt a counter counter culture to all this pc isms cause as you rightly observe in places were the discussion isnt controlled such as main stream media the reaction is already strong  growing and very visible.

  4. I dunno Ger, there's nothing esoteric about common sense. If my sombre news reader wishes to go to the privacy of his own home after work to dress up as a woman, then that is his business and I have no problem with it. I know of a guy who pays women to wallop his backside too and if that's what he wants to spend his money on then who am I to judge or interfere. 

    But I do expect a certain standard, a certain decorum maybe, from my evening news reader and that is why I don't think it either necessary or sensible for a bloke to show up on screen in a serious context, (the news for fucks sake!), dresses as a female.

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