What’s in a name? — 17 Comments

  1. Eir?  Why don't they more appositely rename themselves Eerie? I suppose the €16 million splurged on the rebranding will, Er, be passed on to punters in future 'pricing structures'. Er, Eir is getting a bit Eerie innit? I'd like to know what future Bonuses are going to be Eir-ned by whizzkid sales executives in the company. I am so glad I have an account with Vodafone.

  2. The equivalent of approximately 18.1 million dollars to do exactly what now? Oh, spend money uselessly, that's right.

    On another note, I took your hint (in a comment a few posts ago) and actually wrote up a post. Miracles will never cease?

    I may actually do another one–if I can locate my brain. It seems to have run off last night–again.

  3. My immediate thought is that they must be making far too much money if they feel they need to spend that much on a pointless gesture.

    • They're supposed to be rolling fibre out across the entire country.  They might at least have waited until that was done?

  4. Are we talking about a land-line phone company?  Why would you have a land-line in this day of wireless communications?

    • Land line connections still tend to be more reliable and faster for internet. That said, I'm currently using my mobile as a hotspot for the laptop as I'm away from home, and it works fine. I do get the odd slowdown though, which can be a bit frustrating.

      • Mobile reception here is a bit iffy.  It's one of the miniscule disadvantages of living in the wilds.  Landline is the only way I'm guaranteed [well, for most of the time  anyway] to get a phone  connection.  Luckily I don't rely on either for my Interwebs!

  5. Hi GD off topic I know but what are your thoughts on the Irish Water grant? People are rushing to sign up and claim their 100 euros but I'm thinking there may be long term implications here. Bad implications. Any thoughts?

    • Welcome Theresa!  Damn!  You just missed the post.  Indeed I do have thoughts and most of 'em are bad ones.  Give me a while to think about it.

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