Of pipes and balls — 7 Comments

    • Would that not tempt you?  😉

      It does tend to attract a little attention and quite a few people have stopped to admire it and ask where I got it.  They probably think I'm smoking pot [which I don't do outside the coffee shop].

  1. Was that not the basic principle of the Falcon (?) pipe that was very popular 40-50 years ago? They had a metal stem with a twirly bit in the middle, if I remember right. I never smoked one myself, so my knowledge is sketchy, but I worked with a couple of people who used them. Not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as yours, though. I would seriously consider taking up pipe smoking again (I had a brief love affair with pipes about 35 years ago) to own one of those.

    • Your description of the Falcon is spot on.  I used to have one or two but they weren't that hectic, though popular.  My favourite [at the time] was the Ronson which had an ingenious method of forcing the smoke to travel the stem three times.  They went out of production years ago and it was through searching for them that I found Elie.

      It's worthwhile browsing Elie's site for the vast array of weird and wonderful pipes he makes.  My one is very much one of the more conservative versions.  Just take a look at his Elegance B or his Ent G which I think you'll agree is bound to get some strange and envious glances?

      • Ah, yes, they would both indeed draw envious glances, even, dare I say, from antis. If ever there was a reason to start smoking, then both those pipes epitomise it. They are works of art whose full glory would be revealed when they have smoke curling languidly from their bowls. Beautiful.

  2. Oo-er!  That's a hell of a tool, ya got there, Gramps.  I bet you have hours of fun fiddling with that. As the actress said to the bishop …

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