An astounding scientific discovery — 7 Comments

    • The flashlight idea is brilliant!  Pure genius in fact.

      I'm annoyed though that others are already stealing my ideas.  At least mine does a little more than theirs, according to the length of the lists.

  1. Sorry GD you're not the first but I must admit you've thought of some novel indications for your menhir.


  2. Dead easy making it into a sun dial… before they had daylight saving. Now of course you'll need to make very exact holes to take all the little stones, numbered from 9am to 3pm (so seven in total).

    But you'll need an eighth hole and shift them during the final weekend in October, so you position the XII to the XI position and so on.

    No need to go past 3pm because in winter the sun sets before 4pm.

    Of course you could just leave everything to show the real time by the sun, so reminding yourself that daylight saving's a load of codswallop.


    • I wouldn't need that many as I am rarely up before midday, so three would probably be enough.  I would set it to Rambles Time which is sensible and remains constant through the year.

      Of course I could always skip that idea as I already have a sundial.

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