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  1. Meeting up with former classmates could be hazardous. I went to an anniversary dinner many years ago. A lot of brandy was consumed along with the coffee. One old boy approached a nearby table and addressed somebody he hadn't been friendly with by his schoolboy nickname. They instantly wrestled each other to the floor and had to be extricated by friends. None of my former classmates was hanged or imprisoned, but some of them should have.

    • I doubt I could carry a grudge that long.  Anyway I have forgotten who it is I would like to pulp. 

      I wouldn't be surprised if a few of my former classmates had spent a wee holiday behind bars….

  2. run across some of my old class mates in town occasionally, the ones left that is, and have absolutely no desire to ever hang out with any of them.  from every acct i've heard of them, horror shows that end in tears or bad choices

    • I have more than likely passed my old classmates many times around the city.  I wouldn't recognise them.  Wouldn't want to recognise them.  Says it all really?

  3. Yep. same here… 50 years … and had the same conclusion you had. I didn't like many of my classmates or teachers 50 years ago and what would have changed? Of course being a few thousand miles away made it easier.  The long suffering spouse was in my graduation class and I see her too often! As an aside: there was one attempt to contact us to let us know of the plans and that came from the kid of a classmate. Apparently, nobody in our class knows about the internet yet.

    • Once or twice I have made half-hearted attempts to find those name I can recall on the Interwebs.  Either no results at all or too many to filter.  I also found a site where you can search for classmates by year and school.  No one.  Maybe I'm the only one left?

  4. Considered attending our school's 40th reunion (same as you – morbid curiosity) a few years back.

    But then the ladies organizing the event decided to hold it in an aging paean to disco and it was suddenly right off.

    • A sudden resurgence of commenters who haven't been around in a while?  Is this a Commenter's Reunion?

      Disco?  Sweet fuck, NO!

  5. I pretty much agree with the rest of you. I wouldn't bother going to any sort of high school reunion. Being a loner, I had no friends that were in my class and my "best friend" during those years was a kid from across the street from my house that went to a different high school than I did.

    The one reunion I would attend is a reunion of the crew of my old submarine but these things are always held hundreds of miles away from my humble abode and I can't travel that far any longer. Still, I'd like to meet up with those guys sometime before they all croak or I do.

    • I can understand a submarine reunion all right.  After all, you were living with them in very confined quarters for long periods.  [Not a good arrangement for animosity?]

      Can't say I have any desires to meet any particular group from my past.  I'm concentrating on making friends for the future.

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