Preparing for an ice age — 16 Comments

  1. H H Lamb of the UEA (Yes – the very same institution behind the now famous "Climategate" leaks) was predicting a cooling phase back in the 70's. Funny how his successors suddenly had a change of heart…

    • I remember the 70s scare.  If I recall correctly, they wanted to spray coal-dust on the icecaps to absorb heat.  Funny how times change?

      It's the middle of summer here.  Pissing rain and quite chilly.  No sign of any glaciers forming yet though.

  2. If you wake up one morning frozen solid in ice (from the up and coming mini-ice age) please let us know so we can build up our fires?

      • Not sure about that to tell the truth. You're somewhere around the 40th parallel as I understand it and me and mine are smack-dab on the 45th. If the North Atlantic current reaches a critical desalinization point from all those melting glaciers and shuts down, you and I may all freeze together?

        • Indeed, by my calculations I am about 600 miles nearer the Pole than yourself [I'm almost on the 53rd].  Makes you think?

          • Ah, you're right. I must have been thinking upside down. I can't believe I made that mistake getting the parallels reversed like that. Ready for the scrap heap I am.

  3. That could effect food production if it happens best hope it doesnt tbh global warming isnt a bad thing global cooling could kill millions 

    • Indeed, warming would cause some problems but cooling on a Maunder scale would be a disaster.  Not much anyone could do about it though?  Invest in companies that produce insulation and heaters?

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