The lighter side of business — 11 Comments

  1. It was a pleasure to read that correspondence. James Fox seems like the right business firm to do business with. I think the company should publish a booklet entitled How to write efficient and cheerful business letters. It could revolutionise Irish business culture.

    • Frequently we politely say 'It's a pleasure doing business' but in this case it really is.  I'm thinking of breaking my lighter again just so we can continue the conversation.

      • Yes but Anthony at Dear Customer Relations is always on the look out for good amusing and mischief letters. Go on, help him out.

          • Because I need the money!

            but the book has been put on hold anyway. Happy to share your correspondence if you would like. You can choose – mischief or complaint. 

            • Welcome Anthony!  Do I detect a bit of insider trading here?  😉

              You're more than welcome to share if you want.  I would have described it as "query" rather than either of the others, so I'll leave it up to yourself.

              I know how it is with books.  Much easier to put on the shelf than to write!

  2. If t  hi  s i har  d to re ad it´ s beca use I´ m stil l laug i ng;) Wonderful stuff!

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